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Event Photography Services

Specializing in coverage of Festivals, Cocktail Events, Corporate Events and Fashion Events. At your next event we'll look for creative and innovative ways to capture the energy of the environment. Providing you with full coverage photography services so that no detail will go unnoticed. Everything from promotional content to post event coverage. Together we can derive a plan that suits your creative needs. 


Event Videography Services

The medium of video is a quick and effective way to relive the success of your event. This can be accomplished with :15 - :30 sec piece of promotional content or a 2-5 min recap with/without on site testimonials. Not only will a well produced highlight reel attract new people to your event, It'll keep the regulars coming back year after year. We are geared towards projects both large and small, and have experience capturing many types of events. Together we can develop a strategy that suits your creative needs.  


" Online visual content is currency in this digital age"