When Kings Rest (1)

When Kings Rest (1)

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I've learned that in life we must learn to be very understanding. To find the positive in all situations. This beautiful man is sleeping on prime real estate on the Upper East Side of New York. You can't buy that specific piece of land and make it your own. A King lays his head where he wants, and the world bows to him. Rest on my friend, rest on.


Prints are available in three sizes :

  • 20cm x 25cm / (8" x 10")
  • 30cm x 40cm / (12" x 16")
  • 40cm x 50cm / (16" x 20")
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Matte & Glossy                             Metallic                                          Fine Art

20cm x 25cm  = €43                    20cm x 25cm = €51                      20cm x 25cm = €64

30cm x 40cm  = €55                    30cm x 40cm = €60                    30cm x 40cm = €83

40cm x 50cm = €74                     40cm x 50cm = €78                     40cm x 50cm = €101